kilicover-thumbIn late August of 2010, my friend Mike Beuerlein and I traveled to Tanzania to attempt to summit Kilimanjaro. This is the short story that that trip inspired. Click here to download the PDF.

Here’s a hint of what you’re in for:

Break over, we climbed up and away from the valley. Chombo reached into a skeletal bush to delicately touch a flower, saying that it only grew on Kilimanjaro, and that there was a larger version that was the national flower of South Africa. I digested this information as fairly amazing, still struck with the beauty of my surroundings.

“Hey Chombo,” I said. He turned to face me. “Can I be a porter?”

He looked at me and considered it, then said thoughtfully “Let’s get to the top, and then we’ll talk.”

I chose this quote at random, so it either is or is not actually indicative of what you may or may not be in for. No representation is made of the quality of services rendered.

Just download the thing already!