DangerousDanthumbThis is my first full-length novel and I’d love for you to check it out. Click here to be taken to the Amazon page for Kindle or Paperback versions.

I got some excellent editing help from Reid Davis of Tastemaker Communications, and a kickass cover designed by a favorite artist of mine, Rich Stevens.

Feast your peepers on this blurb:

“Dangerous” Dan McNamara doesn’t want to chase you. He definitely doesn’t want to take you to jail. He’s got his own problems. Since his wife’s disappearance, his grief and constant self medication have made him a disgrace to himself and the force, not to mention a danger to any zipper that attempts to tame his waistline. He finds himself dragged into a fight to save Earth, but it’s not all bad news. He might have a chance to find out who took his wife, if he can keep his alcoholism and self pity in check.

Pretty sweet blurb, huh? I’ve been meaning to stick the word “rollicking” in there somewhere but I just haven’t found the right spot. Here’s a sample of the kind of thing you’re in for:

Just after Santos and Estrella left Dan, the nurse came back with a syringe nearly the size of his forearm. “The hell is that? Are you about to re-grout the
“This is a combination of vitamins and a strong
sedative, Mr. McNamara. You need a lot of work before you can be full tested.”
“Hey, don’t worry about me, honey. I’m ready to go as-is. Ship shape and two grapes, know what I mean?” He grinned at her. The old grin.
The nurse arched an eyebrow at his belly, which rose like a bald mountain underneath his bed sheet. He scowled.

This book was years in the making, and I hope you like it. Pick it up here on Amazon.