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How to Remove all Track Changes from Word for Kindle or Smashwords

accept-all-changes-smallThis is a pain-in-the-ass process that I have had to wrestle with on more than one occasion. I think I’ve finally figured it out.

You have to make sure to click the triangle next to “Accept” and then “Accept all changes in Document,” even if you have already accepted and/or deleted all changes in the document.

I know. I know. It doesn’t make any sense. You already accepted and/or deleted all the changes. You tried saving as DOC or HTML or RTF, but the track changes crap is still putting underlines and weird spaces into your ebook preview.

Here’s where you can find that pane if it’s not immediately obvious.


As you can see above, there’s a change in the right hand margin, showing that the author of this sentence has changed the word “douchebag” to “cur.” If you go through your edits as they come back from your editor and accept/delete them one by one, you might think they’re all gone when they’ve all been deleted or accepted. No.

incredulity-spockI know, Spock. It blows my mind too. But here we are.

You have to click the triangle. The triangle reveals the magical button that will do the thing that you would absolutely teeth-grittingly, desk-poundingly swear you have already done …because you absolutely have already done it, except you haven’t because Word.

It might seem obvious that this is the answer, but I never clicked that because I already deleted or accepted all the stupid things, why should I have to click a button to do it again? I don’t pretend to know. But, like I told Spock, here we are.

I hope this saves you a few minutes of the rage I experienced. Live long and publish.