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Ten Thousand Gods Episode One is Here!

jim_6I’m pleased to announce that the first episode of my serial novel, Ten Thousand Gods, is finally here.

It’s a free download from major retailers, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. Do that here:
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The cover was designed by the inimitable and amazing Bear Robers, and the text benefits from precise and insightful editing by Garrett Marco.

Here’s the premise:

The gods and goddesses of scripture return to Earth during an event known as the Parousia, but not just the gods of any one religion; gods of every religion. More than that, though, the Parousia doesn’t limit itself just to religions, but to things people do religiously. There’s a god of football, of soccer, and of bowling. There’s a god of money, and, much to everyone’s surprise, a god of Atheism. Even Jesus walks the Earth.

Phineas Sealby is a deity beat reporter for the Atlanta Record, keeping tabs on the doings of all these ten thousand (or so) gods, who settle into a niche more or less like celebrities.

There’s just one problem: a god is missing. Some call him Lucifer, some call him the Lord of Lies, but he has never surfaced. Events in Phineas’s life send him on a quest through Hell itself to find and obtain an interview from the missing god Satan.

Will Phineas succeed? Will he be chucked into a lake of fire like so much metal slag? We’re going to find out in Ten Thousand Gods.

Sounds great, right? Right!

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