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I will present a panel at DragonCon

Photo: Sean Grigsby
Paneling at MidSouthCon, Photo: Sean Grigsby
I will make the paneling with Peter David and Keith R.A DeCandido at DragonCon on Friday, Sept 4th at 5:30 PM. So much panel!

Here’s a little more about the two gentlemen with whom I will make said panel:

Peter David is a prolific author whose career, and continued popularity, spans nearly two decades. He has worked in every conceivable media: Television, film, books (fiction, non-fiction and audio), short stories, and comic books, and acquired followings in all of them.

Keith R.A. DeCandido calls himself “the painfully retro web site of author, editor, anthologist, musician, curator, blogger, and all-around hoopy frood.”

Looking forward to hanging out with you and talking humor in fiction, gentlemen!

Everyone else, come to the panel and see how we get on. And then have a cocktail with me afterward as I look for people cosplaying as Futurama characters so that I may applaud them and shout encouragement.