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First Look: Ten Thousand Gods Cover Art by Bear Roberts

0531210-1I met my buddy Bear Roberts back when I was a working musician, sloping around paint-peeling corridors with my too-wordy songs. Like a good friend would, Bear came to my shows and clapped. I’ll never forget that, even if I’ve already forgotten the ends of those evenings.

There is much to like about Bear. Among other things, he often refers to himself in the third person, e.g. “I think it’s about bed time for old Bear,” or “I think that’ll do fine for Bear.” If you have time and are near Asheville, NC, I recommend you find a way to hang around him and his work. Both are exceptional.

Ask him how he came to be named Bear. He may tell you. He may not.

The Call of the Bear

As you know, if you’re familiar with my work, Bear supplied the art for How To Mount Aconcagua, which I love, and which I believe is chiefly responsible for that book’s rise to the pinnacle of its minuscule niche.

So, when I started getting close to the end of the first draft of Ten Thousand Gods, I knew I needed to once again reach into the Appalachians and summon the great Ursus himself. After annoying him with many a question and revision, we’re nearing the final imagery.

I present the mostly probably final version of the cover art for Ten Thousand Gods Season One, Episode One by the inimitable Bear Roberts, a great American.


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