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See me at Atlanta Streets Alive, hanging around the Road Wrench Truck!

I’m teaming up with my friend Chris Orosco the bicycle wizard and his mobile bike shop, the Road Wrench, at Atlanta Streets Alive Highland Avenue September 27th.

If you’re not familiar with the Road Wrench shop, it’s basically a food truck but with a bike shop inside instead of a restaurant. Here’s his site: http://www.roadwrenchatl.com/

On September 27th from 2-6PM, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition will put on Atlanta Streets Alive. Here’s the site about the event: http://www.atlantastreetsalive.com/2015-routes/highland-september-27/

As I say, I’m going to be there at the Road Wrench truck, diagnosing problems with your bike (the seat’s too low) and your riding style (get those knees in). I’ll also have Hearts Racing coupons for sale and signing.

What’s a Hearts Racing coupon you ask? It’s this:


Come hang.