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“Ten Thousand Gods” is coming


Though Hearts Racing just released two weeks ago, it’s been done for months now, as far as my work on it has been concerned. During that time I’ve been working on my next project, Ten Thousand Gods, or 10K Gods for short.

10K Gods will be released as a serial, which means it will be split up into parts rather than one whole book. But it won’t just be a great honkin’ story that’s been divided up. I am writing it as a series of six episodes that go together to form a whole.

That might seem like a minor distinction, and if it does, please forgive me some aggrandizement of my art. The upshot it it will be nicer to read each episode.

The Premise

I’ve had the idea for this project in my mind for a long time and it feels good to finally be getting it out. Here it is:

The gods and goddesses of scripture return to Earth during an event known as the Parousia, but not just the gods of any one religion; gods of every religion. More than that, though, the Parousia doesn’t limit itself just to religions, but to things people do religiously. There’s a god of football, of soccer, and of bowling. There’s a god of money, and, much to everyone’s surprise, a god of Atheism. Even Jesus walks the Earth.

Phineas Sealby is a deity beat reporter for the Atlanta Record, keeping tabs on the doings of all these ten thousand (or so) gods, who settle into a niche more or less like celebrities.

There’s just one problem: a god is missing. Some call him Lucifer, some call him the Lord of Lies, but he has never surfaced. Events in Phineas’s life send him on a quest through Hell itself to find and obtain an interview from the missing god Satan.

Will Phineas succeed? Will he be chucked into a lake of fire like so much metal slag? We’re going to find out in Ten Thousand Gods.

This project is going to have it all: adventure, romance, and battles with monsters of every description. I can’t wait for you to read it.

Where it Stands

Here’s where I stand with it:
– I’m 2/3 done finished with the writing.
Garrett Marco, excellent editor of Hearts Racing, has agreed to handle editing, and has the manuscript.
Bear Roberts, my friend and amazing artist out of NC will handle the artwork.

Each episode will end up being around 1/3 the size of Hearts Racing or Dangerous Dan, which means the whole project will be twice as long as I’ve ever written.

I should be done with principal writing by the end of August, at which point it’ll be a matter of getting time in Garrett’s busy schedule to get the thing edited. Hopefully we’ll be releasing episode one around Halloween, but it’s a bit far out to say at this point.

The good news is that we won’t release a single word until the whole thing is done so anyone who chooses to come along on this ride with us will be treated to the full arc of the story.

I can’t wait, and I hope I can convince you all to join me.