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I Will Appear at MidSouthCon March 20-22 2015

220-2I wonder if Graceland is on AirBNB? No? Well I’ll just get a hotel room. Lodging aside, I will be making a series of appearances at MidSouthCon 33 in Memphis, TN on March 20-22.

I’m looking forward to being on the following panels:

Date Time Thing Break it down
Fri 3/20 10:00 PM Back To The Future Panelists discuss Time Travel, Teleportation, Portals and Worm Holes in scifi and fantasy.
Sat 3/21 11:00 AM Pro Row I will sign books. Any book. Any name. Without your knowledge or consent.
Sat 3/21 1:00 PM Humor In Writing Join our Toastmaster Guest of Honor Frank Tuttle along with other authors to discuss the humor in Science Fiction/Fantasy writing
Sun 3/22 11:00 AM Why do I need an Editor? What does an editor do anyway? Pitfalls of self-editing.
Sun 3/22 2:00 PM Article, Technical and Other Paid Writing Jobs Panelists discuss how to break into the paid writing field.
Sun 3/22 3:00 PM Dark & Stormy It was a dark and stormy night…Professional guests tell stories from con goers suggestions.

If you’re in Memphis, or near Memphis, or far away from Memphis, come see me. I plan to stop by BB King’s bar and ask if BB King will be stopping by, because I’m sure no one does that and the staff will love it.

The conference organizers stipulate that the above schedule could change, but I’ll update if so.