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The Martian’s Deleted Log Entry: Sol 113

urlI recently read “The Martian,” Andy Weir’s novel about an astronaut trying to survive and ultimately leave the red planet.

It’s a good book that doesn’t insult the reader by glossing over technical details. But it also doesn’t get so technical that it’s boring. I recommend checking it out, here on Amazon.

I also Facebook messaged Mr. Weir about his book when I found out he’d originally been a self pubber. With a self published novel release of my novel “Dangerous Dan” looming in my near future, I wanted to ask him a few technical questions about “The Martian.” He very kindly obliged.

I also noticed on his FB page that he’s a fan of “Ready Player One,” by Earnest Cline. I also liked “Ready Player One,” but I didn’t love it. See a conversation on Twitter about it here. To summarize, I thought it suffered a bit under the weight of its references.

But Weir loved it. So much so that he wrote a piece of fan fiction for Cline and “Ready Player One,” which you can find here.

I’m continuing the chain of complementary fiction writing by writing a day in the life of Weir’s “Martian” character Mark Watney, in which he makes a racy and unprecidented request of JPL. Oh yeah. I’m talkin’ bout porn.

So, if you’ve read “The Martian,” (copyright 2011, 2014 Andy Weir) check out some fan fic.

This is “The Martian’s Deleted Log Entry Sol 113” (PDF format).