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Erudition 4 – Kids, Nick’s Uncle Artie, and Radio Potato

This Week's guest: Allison Rizk of RadioPotato.com

This week starts out with some talk about whether dogs or kids are smarter. We come to some conclusions that will likely rock the science of childhood development. Or just annoy some moms.

We then move on to the Word of the Week. This week it is “Corpulent“. Nick’s definition (or defi-NICK-tion) is questionable at best, but it leads us to some discovery on the nature of the “fatty grunt.” Full disclosure, I stole the idea of the fatty grunt from Harvey Birdman.

I then read a note that I found in Nick’s car, written to him in middle school by the first girl he ever kissed. I feel bad for kids that they don’t write notes to each other anymore, and Nick relates the tale of his first french kissing encounter.

Last, but far from least, my guest is local Atlanta music blogger Allison Rizk of Radio Potato! She’s using her blog, and the written word, to give a greater voice to up and coming music artists. She also reveals that Amos Lee is a literature buff and a former english teacher. Who knew?

Be sure to vote for Allison’s awesome blog to win Most Valuable Blogger, and catch her hosting Park Tavern’s Americana in the Park series!

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