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Engin Cycles Blew My Mind And Candy Went Everywhere

As both of you know, in my work life I am a creator of webular sites and a conoisseur of Internet marketings. Of course, I also like to ride bikes and write about that, but when these worlds collide it is especially remarkable. This is sort of rare because, by and large, cycling-related web sites, well… they suck. Though the content is usually impassioned and interesting, the design and functionality of these sites, like the maintenance of a casual rider’s chain, seems to be, at best, the last consideration.

Let us not forget the old adage: Noisy Chain, Source of Shame. I think Mark Twain said that.

I’ve been thinking about cycling sites more than usual lately because I’ve agreed to trade some design and marketing flim-flammery magic for some expert cycling training from Stephen Carhart, a.k.a. @StrongerCyclist. I have been looking around at some sites from people who do similar sort of work as he does in an effort to get an idea for visual trends, which is designer talk for “looking for some ideas to steal”, and it was that process that brought me to Engin Cycles. I must say, my mind was kind of blown. Like a piñata thrown into a ceiling fan, it cracked apart and threw candy all over the place.

The Engin Cycles site looks pretty good, even though I tend to prefer lighter-colored designs to dark ones, but even better than that, the guy is doing what I’m always begging my clients to do – aside from “pay my invoice” – he’s updating regularly… with pictures! His bikes happen to look amazing as well, which is a bonus.

Kudos also to Engin’s site designers, Fluid Design Group.

Now you might say “But Jim, you neglect your work blog all the time,” and if you’re saying that, I will ask you to kindly shut up. True, I do neglect my work blog, but Engin Cycles site has reminded me that I need to stop it.

After all, how can I in good conscience hound my clients to update their sites if I cannot find time to do it myself? The answer, as always, is lies. Lies and hubris. I employ both liberally.

But no more! Going into the new year, I am going to fashion a new webular site design for myself, after I finish a few work ones I have on my plate, which will merge my work site and this site. I’m going to dispense with the multiple email addresses, and put all my Clif bars in one jersey pocket, as it were.

That’s a bad analogy because if I’m ever presented with a Clif bar I gobble it down immediately before it has time to go into any sort of pocket, but I think you catch my drift.

In the mean time, there’s still plenty of bikes to be concerned about in the world. Check out this helpful Craigslist post from a gentleman whose tri bike was hoarked:

To the person that stole my bike with Di2 (In hell if needed)

Date: 2010-11-30, 4:30PM CST

The bike you stole uses a battery to shift. Sooner or later, it will need to be charged or it will stop shifting. I have the charger and it’s yours for the asking. I am even willing to meet you at a place that is convenient for you. Some examples: dark alley, desert, or even your house, you just let me know.

Apparently a ball bat also goes with that bike, although I’m not sure how that applies. It’s a moot point anyway because I think I know who stole it, and he’s right here in this video:

Case closed!