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Those Little Moments that Bring You Back

PHOTO: Jon "guy I know" Woodroof
I was reading the webular site Cycling Tips Blog this morning and filtering through some of their older posts, when what should my eyes land upon but an amazing photograph by my very own friend and teammate, Jon “Twotone” Woodroof! Imagine my surprise when I discovered, out in the far reaches of the Interflips, a photograph taken by someone who not only lives in my town, but who I happen to know personally.

Incidentally, I’m talking about Jon/Twotone the cyclist and photographer, not Tommy Twotone, famous for the song “Jenny/867-5309”

This moment of pique is just one of those “small world” moments that happen from time to time, kind of like when one of my former coworkers from the dotcom startup days forwarded me a photograph of yet another former mutual coworker posed in hardcore porn. There she was, someone we both knew and worked closely with, holding a gentleman’s reproductive area as someone might hold the overhead handrails in a MARTA car. Well, if anyone rode MARTA they might do so, anyway.

My point is that no matter how far flung you think you might be, there’s always that potential to be brought back, either by a remarkable piece of photography, or perhaps even by some awkward porn. Now that I think of it, it’s probably not even really fair of me to call the porn awkward. After all, its certainly possible to look awkward in a photo when whatever you were doing at the time was perfectly natural.

Yes! Perfectly natural, I said, which is exactly how I’d describe my own giddiness and glee at the possibility of seeing the latest Harry Potter movie this weekend.

Whatever your plans for the weekend, please ride safe, and if you find yourself being photographed and you’re worried you might look a little bit awkward, just let it happen. It happens to the best of us. Even Harry Potter!