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Long Awaited Arrivals: Beatles and Danny MacAskill

Beatles, now on iTunes and considering the purchase of so called 'cell phones'
The big news in entertainment yesterday is that the Beatles finally decided to join iTunes and allow their music to be sold digitally. In my mind there are probably two generations of iTunes customers right now, each with their own different questions. My generation is asking “What took them so long?” and the generation behind mine is asking “WHO R DA BEATLS?”.

With that in mind, allow me to present a small sample of some of the musical stylings of the generation following mine. It is from these fertile talents – or “talent larvae” if you will – that the Beatles of the future will no doubt grow.

But while the Apple announcement regarding the Fab Four made waves among out of touch buffoons such as myself – buffoons, incidentally, easily recognizable because we tend to spell words out rather than substituting single letters or numbers for them – the world of cycling also experienced some big news, and this time no one got caught doping. Not unless the UCI has banned caffeine again, anyway.

Danny MacAskill released another video of him riding his bike over surfaces where no bike has ever ridden before, proving once again that he’s some sort of space alien to whom the laws of gravity do not apply.

Actually it isn’t fair to MacAskill to call him a space alien. Truthfully he’s a full-blooded human being who has merely put in the long hours it takes to become a master at something. In his case, he’s a master at riding bikes up walls, pausing only briefly for a gulp of Red Bull here and there.

As long as I’m on the subject of people doing amazing gymnastics while astride a bike, I am compelled to mention Tim Knoll as well, who is pushing the limits of freestyle BMX much in the way that MacAskill is pushing the limits of trials riding.

Watching guys like Knoll and MacAskill ride not only blows my mind, but it stretches the very idea of what riding is. Above any beyond that, it’s nice to see someone using bikes to do the sort of riding those bikes were intended to do, not that anyone would seriously consider doing otherwise. I mean, can you imagine someone using, say, a track bike on the road? Or to perform some half-assed “tricks”?

That would, of course, be ridiculous.