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Tales of Woe, Schemes for Hire

It is an unfortunate facet of humanity, in my view, that tales of woe are often far more gripping than happier stories. It makes it seem sometimes as though happiness is merely the absence of pain or loneliness, rather than the presence of some greater feeling. Such were my thoughts when I read an animated tale, forwarded to me by my friend The Bobbler, about a woman’s first two experiences on a bicycle.

I only wish I could reach out to her and say firstly that her story touched me, secondly that she should stick with bicycles as they are the dry martini for the soul, and thirdly that she’s clearly a big fan of Exploding Dog. I am too! In that spirit I have drawn my own homage to Exploding Dog’s style, seen here at right.

There is uplifting news today too, however. London is getting a bicycle hire scheme which is British for a bike rental program. The bikes even come painted in the typical European color scheme: black punctuated by gray.

Below I have included a photo of a member of the British government on his way to a meeting. Note the similarities between the color of his clothes, the arrangement of his limbs, and those of the bicycles for hire.

The bike’s seat is even black and extremely round, a clear nod to the bowler hat worn at all times by English men and women.

I wish that Atlanta had a similar bike program, but as I recall from a trip to London many years ago, it is flatter than our fair city, and as such might lend itself more easily to be ridden across. On a bike in Atlanta, red lights are a welcome chance to stop and take a breather or practice your track stand, at least for those of us who stop at them.

Now I must trot over to the mall and purchase a new mobile device, as mine took a very ill-advised dive into a toilet on Saturday. It is mostly working again and has been cleaned thoroughly, but I still don’t want to hold it up to my face.