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Alberto Contador vs Andy Schleck: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

They say that it is better to seek forgiveness than permission, and in the case of this year’s Tour de France, I think we all have to agree with that. They also say that it’s rude to point, but that apparently isn’t something that gets said much in Spain, as Alberto Contador points at people so often he’s made a fingerpointy gun hand into his logo.

Sadly, there was no fingerpointy bang bang good time for Alberto when he shrugged on the yellow jersey on Monday afternoon, as he was booed by the crowd for his performance as this clip from Danish TV shows:


The hubbub — or I guess in this case, the hub-BOOO — is over whether Alberto should have waited for Andy Schleck when Andy had a mechanical issue with his bike on the final climb of the day. The winner of the Tour is certain to be one or the other, so fans were upset with Contador for pressing his advantage rather than waiting for Andy to get his bike working, and then continuing to struggle.

That’s how it is in cycling sometimes. Winning is nice, but style is everything.

Which is why not even the glowing golden shelter of the maillot jaune could shield Contador from the sting of the hailstorm of sage tweets with which he was pelted as a result:
Andy Schleck: My stomach is full of anger & I want to take my revenge.Will take my revenge in the coming days.
Gerard Vroomen: Contador just gained a great chance to win, but he lost the chance to win greatly.
Ryder Hesjedal: If you draw your sword and you drop it, you die.
Lance Armstrong: *wheeze* Am I still in this thing? Oh god. Nurse!

Reeling from these attacks, Contador surely spent a sleepless night snuggled up with the plush lion awarded to him for reclaiming the yellow jersey. In the morning, he recorded an apology video in which he admitted that in the heat of the race, he may have made a mistake. He and Schleck are now pals again, which, in my opinion, is good news for Andy because it must be hard to get anyone to be friends with a skeleton.


Personally, I am pulling for Andy Schleck to arrange his bones into whatever configuration is necessary to beat Contador in the mountains tomorrow for no real reason other than I like Andy better. I guess I am a little put off by the whole fingerpointy bang bang situation, truth be told.

After all, it is rude to point.

7 thoughts on “Alberto Contador vs Andy Schleck: Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

  1. Bob Donlan

    Everyone is overlooking the obvious with this whole situation. My fantasy team is killing it with Contador on it. I was a fool for not picking Schlek too!

  2. Justin

    I pulling for Andy as well… but i tend to agree with Ryder Hesjedal in this case. But we already know I have no class or style. If you don’t wanna worry bout mechanical’s take up running. Wouldn’t it make it so much better if Andy now, Contador doesn’t have the excuse that he waited for him… Just my opinion.

  3. jim

    Yeah Ryder has a point. And also a great first name for a cyclist.

  4. rogerio rojas

    we are really nothing compared to these two giants, so my opinion is that we just have to admire them. We have to be there to Know what is the reality about, but it wont happen in the next billion years

  5. jim

    That is true. I’ll never be half the rider either of them are, but this isn’t a climb, it’s a blog, and I speak English much more good than either of they do.

    Small victories.

  6. brigitte

    Why do you have to ruin the whole article by insultin andy by calling him a skeleton. He is an incredible athelete and deserves respect.

  7. jim

    They’re just jokes, honey.