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How Nice, A New Niece!

It occurred to me yesterday, holding the newest member of my family, baby Evie Marie Lewis, that at any other time in life I would be completely grossed out by something that was so recently inside my sister. I realize, of course, that birth is glorious and beautiful, and I love my little nieces, but, you know, the actual act of birth is pretty gross. I’m glad I will never have to go through it.

Sure, I may someday have some children of my own, but I mean I won’t have to become pregnant and then squeeze seven or eight pounds of kid out of my body. Thank god!

I have said on many previous occasions that birds are jerks, and I believe this in part because their beaks usually make them look like they are frowning, but you have to hand it to them with the egg situation. It seems like an easier process to clean up.

Just look at this bird, all frowny and serious. What a jerk.

Its nice that our brains don’t start remembering things until we are two or three years old, so we don’t have to remember our own births. Talk about awkward.

The good news is that Mom and Evie are happy and healthy! Evie is 7lbs 13oz, and was born at 9:38AM yesterday, July 12th.

Welcome new niece!

Evie is born!