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The Truth Will Set You Filthy

It is truly a strange time in which we live. While I firmly believe that humans are humans and that we have the same animal motivators now as we ever did, there is definitely a change afoot that no previous generation has had to endure.

It’s called the truth, and it is disgusting.

If you believe, as I do, that human beings simmer at a constant rate of filth and have been doing so for thousands of years, then what could have changed to provoke such a prevalance of perversion? It is truth, my friends — naked, revolting, awkward truth.

Just take a look at the case of Mark Souder, a republican representative and champion of family values. He was recently caught boning one of his female staffers, which is apparently not a move valued by his family.

“In the poisonous environment of Washington, D.C., any personal failing is seized upon, often twisted, for political gain,” –Rep. Mark Souder

Behold the ravages of truth upon poor Mark Souder! No longer can honest politicians properly manipulate their voters in these trying times, let alone enjoy a little staffer humping on the side. Obviously, increased success with the opposite sex is pretty much the best reason there is to seek power in the first place, and now the natural order of things is being upset.

As I see it, politics are basically a popularity contest. Sure, they have their hands on the controls of serious world issues, but the methods by which they achieve office are no less ridiculous or shallow than any beauty pageant. Does anyone really think that it’s possible to be honest all the time and simultaneously popular?

Ultimately I think that politicians are going to be forced to change their game in exactly the same way that the music industry has had to change, by which I mean “not changing at all” and “attempting at all costs to deceive or litigate themselves back into relevance, all the while making themselves look like complete douche-necks”, which is not to mention “ultimately hurting themselves and the public as a whole”.

Personally I seek to gain whatever recognition and wealth I can as a business man and an author. That way no one will care when they find out I’m filthy as hell.

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