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Blast from the Past

I am speaking to you from the past.

If you read this entry the moment it is published, you will be reading it as I am climbing on my road bike in pre-dawn gloom in order to join my Georgia Cyclist brothers and sisters in Georgia Rides to the Capitol.

Even though the capitol building is only five miles or so from my house, we first have to ride up to the start of the ride in Roswell, GA, which is 20 miles away. There we will join up with a mass of other riders and proceed down Roswell Road to Peachtree and finally to the capitol building, where some things will happen.

Sure, it’s going pretty far out of the way, but like a movie roadtrip with no basis in reality, the journey is the purpose much more than the destination. Except I suspect tomorrow’s ride will be utterly free of gratuitous female nudity if for no other reason than the chilly temperatures.

We could drive our cars up to the start, of course, but that would be a bit of a style misstep, and not having your style points all figured out in the cycling world is a big no-no.

For instance, like any cyclist, I constantly study the weather report with some intensity. Rain means slick roads — and worse — rust on my components. While a steel brush could probably remove most of the rust, I could never steel brush away the tarnish upon my image should anyone see me with rusty components. It’s already bad enough that I’m still racing on an aluminum frame.

Like the Mac vs PC argument, the bike frame materials argument is a big pile of abstract numbers and specifications that ultimately boils down to which one you like more. Carbon is more expensive and has the cool factor, like a Mac. Aluminum is stiffer but has arguably the same performance or better for less money, like a PC, and steel is for people who judge each other on beard length or ironic tattoos, like Linux.

But tomorrow is for all bike riders, regardless of frame material, who wish to make their voices heard. It remains to be seen what impact this will have on my beloved city, but the impact on me will most likely be hunger and tiredness.

Luckily, Manland is stocked with food and a very comfortable sleeping pallet, so my needs should be well met.

Have a great Tuesday from your friend in the past, and think warm thoughts. I am probably colder than an ex-wife’s hello right now.

One thought on “Blast from the Past”

  1. Jess

    Have fun on your bike ride! Do you guys do Critical Mass in Georgia? I need to find one in DC. The ones in LA were so fun.