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Nerd Mines Strike Back: A new Oracle

As you know, I posted yesterday about the horrors of the Nerd Mines. This apparently stirred some great evil that was lurking deep below, because I have spent much of the previous twelve hours hacking away in the dank recesses of the very same.

The good news is that I have surfaced, thanks to Chris, with a nugget of awesome. I have a new hosting provider. You may notice that loading my web page is now a touch faster than receiving an entire Mellville novel by carrier pigeon, although no less tedious once it arrives.

When you’re deep in the confusing caverns of nerdiness, you need a beacon to light your way. Previously I relied on the wisdom of Sidewalk Tomato, but it has hurried away to be a beacon to someone else, or possibly a meal to some form of city animal.

Thankfully, a new learned oracle has appeared before me. Here’s a sample of the wisdom of srslyThisisLane:

I just stood there gazing upon that dead moon. Then I realized I was sans pants and my neighbors had probably called the cops again.
1:32 PM Feb 16th from web

You don’t really get much more prophetic than that. The best thing about my new oracle is that there is a real Lane, who is mortified by the revolting things “srslyThisIsLane” has to say.

Somehow this is all related to Georgia Tech, which is to our local Nerd Mines what Rome was to… uh.. Rome. The only difference is that Romans wore togas and fought in the coliseum and Tech nerds wear tee shirts and play video games.

They also ride bikes, though, which is how I know most of the ones I know, and thank god for that.

Otherwise I’d be without an oracle for spiritual guidance, and that’s no way to live.