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Into thin Air, a book report

into thin airI am reading “Into Thin Air” by Jon Krakauer, about his trip up Everest. Its a pretty amazing book, and it is serving the purpose for which I bought it. That purpose was to decide if I wanted to someday attempt to summit Everest or not.

I’m still up in the air, you might say. Truthfully I am reserving judgment on whether or not I want to attempt it as a goal until I try my hand at high altitude tomfoolery on Kilimanjaro later in the year. For all I know, the weasels that inhabit my brain cavity and do all my thinking may explode at that altitude, causing me to expire.

Krakauer describes Kilimanjaro as “Physically grueling but technically undemanding”. I should be able to get some idea from my trip whether I would want to go a further two miles vertically, the difference in altitudes of Everest’s peak and Kilimanjaro’s. Yeah. Everest is truly staggeringly tall. I estimate that it is nearly as tall as my opinion of myself, something that has never been successfully scaled.

Meanwhile my friend Nick reports that he was recently in a helicopter a mere ten feet over the treetops doing wild banks and turns somewhere in an unnamed wilderness. He realized that he was going to have to spew his lunch, but didn’t want his companions in the chopper to know. So he reached into his pocket for his Nalgene bottle, unscrewed the cap, barfed discreetly into it, and secreted it away in his jacket again.

Son of a bitch, Nick is having more fun than I am!

AdobeCaslonProBut back to the lecture at hand. Since I am something of a font nerd, I was taken with the print in the Krakauer book, which I correctly guessed to be Caslon Pro.

It’s a great looking font. If I ever get to write a real deal book, I would like to have it printed in Caslon. It just looks so serious and groovy, like a tweed sport coat with leather patches at the elbows, which is how I require all my dates to dress themselves. I also demand that they smoke a pipe. I hope you’re listening, ladies.

So, I’m enjoying “Into Thin Air” and I recommend that anyone interested in Everest or breathing without a lot of oxygen read it as soon as they have time. If you’re wondering whether you might like to climb it someday, well, you probably shouldn’t.

More to the point, I probably shouldn’t.

2 thoughts on “Into thin Air, a book report”

  1. Nick

    a shot of bleach cleans the puke smell right out of a nalgene. just fyi.

  2. jim

    This might top your trailside bonk story, actually.