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March 1 at the Ten High gig report

Wow, what a night. I drove in to the club at around 7:30pm in what could be called, without any hesitation, a torrential fucking downpour. Visibility on the interstate was 100ft or so, I’d say. I was basically just following the headlights ahead of me because I couldn’t see shit.

It had been raining all day, and I knew it was going to hurt my turnout if it didn’t slack off. Not only did it not slack off over the course of the day, it actually began to rain even harder.

Once off the interstate in the neighborhood of Virginia Highlands, I found myself driving through streets awash in 3-6″ of water. Puddles were even deeper, and the cars driving through them threw huge plumes of water into the air. I wondered idly if the water was high enough to get into my tailpipe and choke out the engine as happened to my old volvo wagon a few years ago, but I got lucky.

I made it to the club and brought in my gear. No one was in a chatty mood, as all three bands knew they were in for a night of zero turnout, no money, and carrying expensive moisture-sensitive gear through the rain.

For the second time in as many gigs, I discovered that my show time was thirty minutes ahead of what I had been told it was, so people arriving late would see the second half of my 45 minute set. Sigh. These things do happen.

Luckily for me, I am friends with and a big fan of the staff of the Ten High, and they always make playing there enjoyable and awesome.

At fifteen minutes to show time I ran upstairs to see about going down the street a block for a latte, and I met at the door a big group of my friends who had slogged through the rain and shitty weather to come see me play. That was so awesome. You guys are the best! It was so great to see them, and it didn’t stop there!

As the show went on, probably twice that number of people filtered in and checked us out. It was so, so great. I can’t even tell you how much you guys kick ass. My drummer Pico even made the gig, and he and his girl had a baby two days before!

Big thanks to the following people for being so awesome and supporting me: Jon Morrison the greatest living bass player known to man, Mike “Pico” Lamb the incredible drummer who is now a father, Mellie, Holly, Scott, Stephanie, Amy, Amanda, Brooke, Anna, Lindsay, Stuart, Vicky and David and everyone else who was there but with whom I am not on a first name basis.

These people came out on a night when tornadoes were ripping central Georgia apart like a fat kid opens a bag of chips. Fuck yes!

Thanks guys!