Ten Thousand Gods

What would happen if Jesus came back …and so did every other God?


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The gods and goddesses of scripture return to Earth during an event known as the Parousia, but not just the gods of any one religion; gods of every religion. More than that, though, the Parousia doesn’t limit itself just to religions, but to things people do religiously.

jim_6_blkJesus walks the earth alongside gods of football, of soccer, and of bowling. There’s a god of money, and, seemingly paradoxically, a god of Atheism.

The Deity Beat

Phineas Sealby is a deity beat reporter for the Atlanta Record, keeping tabs on the doings of all these ten thousand-ish gods. Over time the immortals settle into a niche more or less like celebrities.

124There’s just one problem: a god is missing. Some call him Lucifer, some call him the Lord of Lies, but he has never surfaced. Events in Phineas’s life send him on a quest through Hell itself to find and obtain an interview from the missing god Satan.

Along the way he has trouble at work, confronts alcoholism with ineptitude, and screws his love life up completely.

Can Phineas possibly figure this mess out? Will he be chucked into a lake of fire like so much metal slag? We’re going to find out in Ten Thousand Gods.


Ten Thousand Gods is a serial novel in six parts. The first one’s free, so dive in.

jim_6Episode 1
In which Phineas has some trouble at work, but gets on well with Barry the God of Atheism. In a fit of pique, Phineas vows to find the god no one has yet spotted: Satan. But can he actually do it? If he can, should he?

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jim_6_purpEpisode II
In which Phineas has telephony problems, but also some unexpected successes.

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jim_6_bluEpisode III
In which Phineas must undertake an arduous journey, but not without some help.

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jim_6_greenEpisode IV
In which Phineas makes an unexpected contact in a dark place.

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jim_6_yellowEpisode V
In which Phineas finds himself unexpectedly flush and supported, but also tempted.

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jim_6_orangeEpisode VI
In which some of our sins can be forgiven, and others not. Series finale.

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