heartsracing_800x1200I met an acquisitions editor who said he’d consider a humorous romance novel. That sounded like an opportunity to me, but I wanted to make sure he was really down for some comedy. I wrote the weirdest pitch I could think of: France overthrows the US, and a pro cyclist falls in love with a CrossFit instructor.

To my surprise, he called my bluff and asked for three chapters. I wrote the craziest three chapters I could think of, and he called my bluff on that one too.

Six months later, here it is all edited and up for sale on Amazon.

Here’s the official blurb:

Riding in a near-future America languishing under the oppressive jackboot of the conquering French, Buck Heart is a professional cyclist on the New Lyon (formally Atlanta) team. Onward for the glory of New France, he charges. Losing is not an option.

Left shoulder injuries force him to seek the training expertise of CrossFit instructor Faith Racing; his career and his life are crashing over the handlebars.

Instructor Faith has her own troubles. Concerns include her brother’s incarceration for stealing wine and a forced wedding to the soon-to-be mayor of New Lyon. Kindness is not her fiancé’s forte, but Faith must go through with the marriage to stay her brother’s execution.

In secret, though, Buck and Faith work with cyclists from Miami, as well as their mysterious benefactor from Mexico, as they compete against Buck’s former team and their own growing desires for one another in order to save Faith’s brother and Buck’s career.

New France may stand; New France may fall. Get on the team and hear their cry: “Vamonos!”

This is my first published novel and I’m very pleased with it. I hope you like it.

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