Facebeefs: A Writer’s Complaints About Facebook


Let me start by saying that I mean no ill toward Facebook employees, particularly none toward those in rank and file. Facebook is like a giant wheel. I don’t blame the spokes for where the wheel goes. People gotta eat. But I do have some complaints about the greater organism. I believe that Facebook knowingly plays to my vanity with pumped up numbers in some cases, while using fuzzy math to entice me to spend money. I believe that a significant portion of the “likes” I have on my Atlanta... Read The Rest →

How To Buy a Vintage Typewriter

PHOTO: Beverly

I sniff paper. It smells good. I like looking at type thwhacked into paper too, because, unlike the waste you get from a printer, the letters are depressed into the page. Typewriters mean it. So what do you do if you like messing around with paper that has letters thwhacked into it? Buy a typewriter, you popinjay! …sorry about calling you a popinjay just then. I’m sure you’re nice. I’m frustrated, and when I get frustrated I lash out. To be truthful, I’m retroactively frustrated. You see, when I first... Read The Rest →

Little Free Library Book Tour Wrapup!


I’m trying to get people to read my books. There are lots of businesses on the Internet who are willing to take my money in return for advertisements of every description, but in my experience, the only thing that really works is word of mouth. How do I get my name in more people’s mouths? Aside from doing the best work I can do and not giving up, I don’t really know. A lot of people suggested doing Goodreads giveaways, which I did. Here’s a post on how that went.... Read The Rest →

Valentine’s Day Little Free Library Book Tour


I can’t afford an international book tour, but I can afford a one-day rail pass. On Valentine’s Day, Sweetie and I will board a MARTA train, which will whisk us around the city of Atlanta. We will disembark at random locations, then seek out Little Free Libraries and place signed copies of Dangerous Dan within them. We might or might not also remove any interesting books within. I figure we’re pretty much guaranteed to find at least one copy of “A Man in Full.” This is made possible by the... Read The Rest →

I Will Appear at MidSouthCon March 20-22 2015


I wonder if Graceland is on AirBNB? No? Well I’ll just get a hotel room. Lodging aside, I will be making a series of appearances at MidSouthCon 33 in Memphis, TN on March 20-22. I’m looking forward to being on the following panels: Date Time Thing Break it down Fri 3/20 10:00 PM Back To The Future Panelists discuss Time Travel, Teleportation, Portals and Worm Holes in scifi and fantasy. Sat 3/21 11:00 AM Pro Row I will sign books. Any book. Any name. Without your knowledge or consent. Sat... Read The Rest →

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