My Fallout Shelter is a Radioactive Food Desert and Corpse Storage Facility


I’m not trying to be bad at this game. I think part of the problem is I don’t play it longer than a minute or two per day. If I concentrate on it longer, I’m able to get the shelter’s power up to an acceptable level, but never once have my dwellers benefitted from adequate food or water. I keep building diners and water processing plants, but those facilities need workers to run them. More workers need more food and water, which means my needs go up, so I never... Read The Rest →

Contraflow 5 / DeepSouthCon 53 Wrapup: Getting Literary in the Big Easy


I’ve been to New Orleans. I have taken in Jackson Square’s beauty, gyrated to the loose horns on Frenchman Street, and sniffed at Borboun Street’s pee-barf-and-bleach bouquet. But until now, I had not had the pleasure of visiting the Airport Hilton in Kenner, LA. Well, it’s not so much your location, in life, as it is with whom you find yourself. I found myself with a colorful, friendly, and altogether enjoyable bunch of SciFi fans, artists, and writers. And I also found a Starbucks and a bar in the lobby.... Read The Rest →

Lammergeier, Condor, Downforce, a 24 Hours of Lemons Race Report


I beheld the great Lammergeier at the roof of Africa, the mists swirling at his the tip of his ten foot wingspan like the revolving Earth. Yes, and I have trekked the great Andean peaks to the nest of the Condor, who cast me down with thunder and avalanche from his beating wings. As my bones knit, my tongue swollen from the thirst, I hovered near death, and the muleteers heard me croak but a single word: downforce, downforce, downforce. Come we now to the Carolinas, to 24 Hours of... Read The Rest →

Interbike Wrapup: Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Bikes


I would say that Vegas is a joke as soon as you land, but this year it began before I even departed ATL. I watched a TSA security officer place one of my bike pedals up to his eye as though he intended to use it as a miniature spyglass on the deck of a sailing ship. “Any lubricants on this thing that I need to know about?” he asked. What does this gentleman think I am doing with my bike pedals? The joy of air travel continued in the... Read The Rest →

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