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How I Recorded an Audiobook and got my book “How To Mount Aconcagua” onto Audible

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If it weren’t for audiobooks I would never read as many books as I do, and it’s not just me. Audiobooks are now outselling print, according to some. I need a constant stream of incoming books, both for my own personal enjoyment and to help prime my own… Read More

Ten Thousand Gods Episode 3 is Now Available


The third installment in my Ten Thousand Gods series is officially released. It can be had on Amazon or Kobo for just $0.99. If you haven’t been keeping up with the series, you can start by reading the first volume for free. Here’s the link to the page… Read More

A couple of recent interviews: The Bookshelf and BookGoodies


There is nothing at all I like talking about more than myself, followed closely by talking about my work. I’m delighted that I’ve had more chances to do that lately. The Bookshelf is a book store in Thomasville, Georgia, and I had the pleasure of chatting with owner… Read More

The 3 Responses I Got When I Asked Literary Agents to Query Me

PHOTO: Andria

It’s my belief that if I do good, honest work, that someday an audience will find me. But in order to do good, honest work, I have to admit things to myself, about myself, that I don’t really want to highlight: fears, mistakes, moments when I acted selfishly.… Read More