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What Happened to my Print & Kindle Book Sales When My Audiobook Was Released


I wrote a humorous guide to climbing the tallest mountain outside the Himalayas: Aconcagua. If you search Amazon for the word “Aconcagua,” you’ll see this: That’s right. Fourth place for the keyword “Aconcagua,” after some jackets and Mr. Kikstra’s book. Look out, Krakauer. Watch your ass, Bryson. I’m… Read More

How (and Why) I Recorded My Audiobook in a Studio Instead of Pretending My Closet is a Studio

Closet Audio

I only get a few minutes of actual paper book reading per night before I begin watching automotive videos on YouTube in preparation for sleep. I’m hoping to have a dream in which I can afford lots of cool cars. So far, no dice. What’s worse, I also… Read More

Open Letter: It Is Patently Absurd that You Do Not Manufacture Hoverboards with Larger Rims


Pay close attention to this correspondence, sirs, for I am about to save your business from a crash-and-burn that would make the Hindenburg look like a fourth of July sparkler. Failure in this matter will render you irrevocably the batting-headed waste flingers you appear to be. You must… Read More

My Atlanta Explained Show Desk Build -or- How I Applied Stuff I Learned from Developers to My Live Comedy

2015-12-29 17.43.09

Since I founded my satirical newspaper, the Atlanta Banana, I have been trying different combinations to get just the right live show component to complement the writing. We’ve held shows at music venues and art galleries, and they’ve been great fun. But I spent many years working in… Read More

How I Recorded an Audiobook and got my book “How To Mount Aconcagua” onto Audible

Click to buy this amazing audio book

If it weren’t for audiobooks I would never read as many books as I do, and it’s not just me. Audiobooks are now outselling print, according to some. I need a constant stream of incoming books, both for my own personal enjoyment and to help prime my own… Read More