“Ten Thousand Gods” is coming


Though Hearts Racing just released two weeks ago, it’s been done for months now, as far as my work on it has been concerned. During that time I’ve been working on my next project, Ten Thousand Gods, or 10K Gods for short. 10K Gods will be released as a serial, which means it will be split up into parts rather than one whole book. But it won’t just be a great honkin’ story that’s been divided up. I am writing it as a series of six episodes that go together... Read The Rest →

Hearts Racing Cover Art is Here


I’m pleased to announce that the world’s only cycling/CrossFit romance novel is not only complete, but has a cover art image. It was a challenging process. I’m lucky in that Cheryl, who handles cover art for the book’s publisher, is very patient and capable. I appreciate her help a lot. Also complete is the book’s front matter/blurb. Here’s the text of the blurb: Riding in a near-future America languishing under the oppressive jackboot of the conquering French, Buck Heart is a professional cyclist on the New Lyon (formally Atlanta) team.... Read The Rest →

Who will win the internet?


There’s an interesting struggle currently between the users of the internet and the providers of it. The faceless populace wants to remain not only anonymous but empowered to say whatever it wants, even if what it wants to say is offensive. The higher ups want there to be some limits on how nasty, and how anonymous, a person can be. After all, it could be troublesome to sell ad space to a major corporation if that ad space might be next to a drawing of a smiling penis with a... Read The Rest →

Wired Picking on “Absurd Self-Published E-Books”


There aren’t enough people who use editors. As a result, there are a lot of unedited wild texts out there. These stories roam the landscape like mutated household pets who have been fused simultaneously with deep-seated emotional problems and power tools. Even if you want to love them, they’ll probably do something awful to you as thanks. But is it really okay to get your clicks by shitting on those mutants? I would have thought Wired would be above such, but I would have been wrong. Jason Kehe has a... Read The Rest →

JordanCon Wrap Up


Conventions are a lot of fun. I get to meet readers. I get to talk about my work. Best of all, I get to meet other writers and share jokes about typefaces that would cause any reasonable human’s heart to seize as a desperate bid to end the boredom. Such was the fun I had this weekend at JordanCon, a conference dedicated to Robert Jordan and his Wheel of Time series. The series, incidentally, was presciently named by Jordan, given that its completion transcended any previous notion of time. Not... Read The Rest →

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