Wired Picking on “Absurd Self-Published E-Books”


There aren’t enough people who use editors. As a result, there are a lot of unedited wild texts out there. These stories roam the landscape like mutated household pets who have been fused simultaneously with deep-seated emotional problems and power tools. Even if you want to love them, they’ll probably do something awful to you as thanks. But is it really okay to get your clicks by shitting on those mutants? I would have thought Wired would be above such, but I would have been wrong. Jason Kehe has a... Read The Rest →

JordanCon Wrap Up


Conventions are a lot of fun. I get to meet readers. I get to talk about my work. Best of all, I get to meet other writers and share jokes about typefaces that would cause any reasonable human’s heart to seize as a desperate bid to end the boredom. Such was the fun I had this weekend at JordanCon, a conference dedicated to Robert Jordan and his Wheel of Time series. The series, incidentally, was presciently named by Jordan, given that its completion transcended any previous notion of time. Not... Read The Rest →

I’ll be at JordanCon This Weekend April 17-19


I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be appearing at Jordancon this weekend, April 17-19! As a formerly ardent reader of the Wheel of Time series, I hope there are some cool costumes. I mean, don’t cut your arm off or anything, but, you know. Here’s some Jordancon info: JordanCon is a fantasy literature convention founded in honor of the late author, Robert Jordan. Jordan was the author of the best-selling The Wheel of Time series. JordanCon features eight tracks of simultaneous programming, a Dealers’ Hall, gaming, an Art Show featuring... Read The Rest →

Buy “Dangerous Dan” at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center


The fine folks at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center have been exceedingly kind to me, and I’m proud to announce that they asked for a couple of copies of Dangerous Dan which are, as you can see in the photo above, displayed prominently next to a notepad reading “Important Bullshit.” Yes! A notepad. A notepad which may or may not have been arranged artfully by Pratfall Tramps exhibition curator Rachel Reese. …except that I know it was her because she claimed it. Important bullshit indeed! Stop by the ACAC and... Read The Rest →

MidSouthCon 33 Wrap Up

Photo: Sean Grigsby

Memphis reminds me a lot of my home town of Montgomery, AL. Both are relatively flat, have a river running through down town, and possess that big-small-town feel. Be kind to whomever you meet. You’ll see them again shortly. With luck, they’ll bring fried chicken. I had the pleasure of being a temporary Memphian — or as I have proposed they re-brand themselves, “Mempheasant” — this weekend for MidSouthCon 33. I started the weekend by sitting in on the Nation of Jake radio show, during which Jake discovered and exploited... Read The Rest →

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