Let Us Not Go Gentle Into That Hash Tag


Of course I want people to take writing seriously. I want them to take it so seriously that they buy all my books and lift poorly-formed passages therefrom for ill-advised tattoos. But hashtags ain’t our ambrosia. Phoebe Maltz Bovy is, without question, a serious writer. She’s a PhD holder, has written for The Atlantic, and probably has even spoken directly to Ta-Nehesi Coates, which, as a writer, is tantamount to touching the face of God Itself. In a recent article, though, (All Work and No Pay, New Republic) the estimable... Read The Rest →

See me at Atlanta Streets Alive, hanging around the Road Wrench Truck!


I’m teaming up with my friend Chris Orosco the bicycle wizard and his mobile bike shop, the Road Wrench, at Atlanta Streets Alive Highland Avenue September 27th. If you’re not familiar with the Road Wrench shop, it’s basically a food truck but with a bike shop inside instead of a restaurant. Here’s his site: http://www.roadwrenchatl.com/ On September 27th from 2-6PM, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition will put on Atlanta Streets Alive. Here’s the site about the event: http://www.atlantastreetsalive.com/2015-routes/highland-september-27/ As I say, I’m going to be there at the Road Wrench truck, diagnosing... Read The Rest →

“Ten Thousand Gods” is coming


Though Hearts Racing just released two weeks ago, it’s been done for months now, as far as my work on it has been concerned. During that time I’ve been working on my next project, Ten Thousand Gods, or 10K Gods for short. 10K Gods will be released as a serial, which means it will be split up into parts rather than one whole book. But it won’t just be a great honkin’ story that’s been divided up. I am writing it as a series of six episodes that go together... Read The Rest →

Hearts Racing Cover Art is Here


I’m pleased to announce that the world’s only cycling/CrossFit romance novel is not only complete, but has a cover art image. It was a challenging process. I’m lucky in that Cheryl, who handles cover art for the book’s publisher, is very patient and capable. I appreciate her help a lot. Also complete is the book’s front matter/blurb. Here’s the text of the blurb: Riding in a near-future America languishing under the oppressive jackboot of the conquering French, Buck Heart is a professional cyclist on the New Lyon (formally Atlanta) team.... Read The Rest →

Who will win the internet?


There’s an interesting struggle currently between the users of the internet and the providers of it. The faceless populace wants to remain not only anonymous but empowered to say whatever it wants, even if what it wants to say is offensive. The higher ups want there to be some limits on how nasty, and how anonymous, a person can be. After all, it could be troublesome to sell ad space to a major corporation if that ad space might be next to a drawing of a smiling penis with a... Read The Rest →

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