Ironman Louisville 2009: the run

Shoes on, shorts on, obnoxiously yellow Preachtree Tri Club visor on, I ran out of transition. I had been in motion for eight and a half hours at this point and I was ready to put this thing to bed. I also knew I’d be seeing my crew twice or more on the run and the support was welcome. My legs were feeling okay because I was using different muscles to run with than I was using on the bike. I hoped this would help me not be in as... Read The Rest →

Ironman Louisville 2009: The bike.

The start of the bike leg found me riding down a chute with people cheering and yelling on either side. It is a pretty amazing feeling. Add to that the plethora of volunteers constantly asking you what you need, getting your bike for you, or taking it away after you’re done, and it really feels like all you have to do is swim, ride and run. They do that for every athlete, not just the pros. It’s pretty cool. Feeling charged up from a decent swim time and ignoring the... Read The Rest →

Ironman Louisville 2009: the swim

The day of the race started very, very early, around 4:30AM. I usually sort of guess when I need to be ready to do things like wake up and then figure out the details later on. This greatly annoyed some girlfriendy members of my expedition. They wanted much more firm details on when we’d be getting up and when we needed to be places. Some sharp words were had. Eventually the logistics were mostly worked out and Julie, my then-girlfriend and I went to sleep in our hotel room in... Read The Rest →

Ironman Louisville 2009: Getting there

It had to be raining. Not just a dribble or a mist, but full-on downpour, and my bike would be up on the roof rack getting pounded with rain for the entire 8-hour drive to Louisville. Not only that, I was 15 minutes late and time was tight to get up there before the 5pm check in cutoff. I picked up my then-girlfriend and got her stuff situated in the car. She took the back seat, intending to sleep. We then went to pick up the third member of the... Read The Rest →

Ironman send off

One week till race day. I ate dinner last night with my triathlon buddies, and as per usual I was reminded of how much more seriously they take their racing than I do. I am sort of like the racing version of a diesel truck. I’m strong, but heavy (and slow). And I smell funny. I can eat pretty much anything and be ok. Trucks can too. Or at least, in my robotic diesel truck army fantasies, they can. …what was I saying? Anyway. I’m glad I never bought a... Read The Rest →

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