Erudition 6 – The Bald Merbuck, Tick Tapp, and Erik Wolf


Sadly for me, this week Nick’s schedule and mine were both very tight, so I had to construct a robot to take his place. I named him Tick Tapp, though. Some of his motivations are the same, but his delivery leaves much to be desired. I’m definitely hoping to get the real thing back soon. COME BACK TO ME NICK! Still, I start off this week with a patriotic piece about the mythical Bald Merbuck. Hope you guys enjoy it. After that we get to know Tick a little bit,... Read The Rest →

Erudition 5 – Apologies, The Grove, and Gabe Berman

This week’s episode starts out with a heartfelt apology to the lady I offended at the Decatur Book Fest. I was there to volunteer for (w)ink Atlanta, and I really put my foot in my mouth. Sorry about that, kids. The only way you guys can make me–I, uh… I mean the kids–feel better is to get involved with (w)ink Atlanta. Do it. Now. We then get a really excellent defeNicktion of the word “Paralipsis” which contains almost nothing dirty. Shocker! Nick then goes into a dreamlike state to bring... Read The Rest →

Erudition 4 – Kids, Nick’s Uncle Artie, and Radio Potato

This week starts out with some talk about whether dogs or kids are smarter. We come to some conclusions that will likely rock the science of childhood development. Or just annoy some moms. We then move on to the Word of the Week. This week it is “Corpulent“. Nick’s definition (or defi-NICK-tion) is questionable at best, but it leads us to some discovery on the nature of the “fatty grunt.” Full disclosure, I stole the idea of the fatty grunt from Harvey Birdman. I then read a note that I... Read The Rest →

Erudition 3 – Runics, Crocs, and Jon Fasman

[display_podcast] This week’s episode starts out with a few thanks for our friend Kelley Hagen, who supplied the winning coffee pun that we asked for in last week’s episode. Our baristas loved it. Hagen is also to be thanked for turning me on to Quiet Hounds, an amazing new local Atlanta band. Listen to them right now. The Word of the Week was originally titillate, but since Nick knew what it meant, we scrapped it in favor of runic. Turns out Nick knew what that one meant too, or at... Read The Rest →

Erudition 2 – Coffee puns, Ursula K Le Guin, and philatelism

[display_podcast] In this second edition of the Erudition podcast, Nick starts off by blowing my mind with a new theme song for the show written completely off the cuff. We then discuss the Word of the Week, which is “philatelist.” Unsurprisingly, Nick thinks it means something much dirtier than it actually does. After Word of the Week, there is some insightful talk on how to wash a pair of shoes (more info here). Nick asks for help coming up with a pun to impress a barista. Help Nick’s game! If... Read The Rest →

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