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Erudition 6 – The Bald Merbuck, Tick Tapp, and Erik Wolf


Sadly for me, this week Nick’s schedule and mine were both very tight, so I had to construct a robot to take his place. I named him Tick Tapp, though. Some of his motivations are the same, but his delivery leaves much to be desired. I’m definitely hoping… Read More

Erudition 5 – Apologies, The Grove, and Gabe Berman

This week’s episode starts out with a heartfelt apology to the lady I offended at the Decatur Book Fest. I was there to volunteer for (w)ink Atlanta, and I really put my foot in my mouth. Sorry about that, kids. The only way you guys can make me–I,… Read More

Erudition 3 – Runics, Crocs, and Jon Fasman

[display_podcast] This week’s episode starts out with a few thanks for our friend Kelley Hagen, who supplied the winning coffee pun that we asked for in last week’s episode. Our baristas loved it. Hagen is also to be thanked for turning me on to Quiet Hounds, an amazing… Read More

Erudition 2 – Coffee puns, Ursula K Le Guin, and philatelism

[display_podcast] In this second edition of the Erudition podcast, Nick starts off by blowing my mind with a new theme song for the show written completely off the cuff. We then discuss the Word of the Week, which is “philatelist.” Unsurprisingly, Nick thinks it means something much dirtier… Read More