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Book Report: An Unattractive Vampire by Jim McDoniel


Glittery vampires have had their day. Even Tom Cruise’s Lestat, with his frilly cuffs and meaningful glares, had his moment in the — forgive me — sun. Mr. McDoniel’s main character, Yulric Bile, would happily crash something very heavy into the lot of them. For that, he must… Read More

The Rain in Spain falls Every Single Day – Hodgsons in Spain Part 3


Spain is a beautiful country. I can’t wait to go back sometime and see it when it’s not raining every day. The rain started on our way to Granada. Do you know the kind of rain where it’s not pouring, exactly, but you get the sense that the… Read More

Facebook is the Real Problem With America & With Writing


A few times, articles from my satirical newspaper, The Atlanta Banana, went viral. As a writer, I accept that there is almost no pay for my work. But the notion that people relate to my work gives me a great source of satisfaction. It’s better than money. Really!… Read More