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Sketchworks — Columbus Day

Our local Atlanta sketch performance group Sketchworks performed my sketch “Columbus Day” as part of their Future Sketch show. I even had the honor of kicking off the show. Unfortunately, the show’s run is now over so you missed your chance, but here’s the text of the sketch so you can read for yourself.

IMG_1781-533x400 — Review: Camelbak Volt 13 LR Lumbar Reservoir Hydration Pack

I love bags of all kinds, but especially ones that hold water and bike repair tools for me. This one’s got a lumbar reservoir. Science! Here’s the full review.

IMG_0116 — Final Review: Diamondback Carbon Overdrive Pro 29er

Well, it happened. I convinced the editorial team at Singletracks to let me review a sweet carbon fiber bike. Check out the full review here!


[Audio] You Had to Be There Variety Show — Some Kind of Interference

I was invited to read a piece at the You Had to Be There Variety Show at The Pullman in Atlanta in February, where I read aloud a piece about driving race cars in the 24 Hours of LeMons. Here’s the audio on Soundcloud. Have a listen.

IMG_1684-300x400 — Outdoor Retailer: The Bergans of Norway Rondane 6L Pack

I had so much fun at Outdoor Retailer, and lots to talk about when I got home. Thanks to Chip from Bergans of Norway for modeling this pack for me. Click here for the full rundown.

IMG_0116 — On Review: Diamondback Carbon Overdrive Pro 29er

I have been bothering the Singletracks staff for quite some time to get me a full bike to review and it finally happened! Check out my initial thoughts here.

png-1 — How to Wash Your Mountain Bike Shoes and Destroy Them

I got to go on a very amazing mountain bike trip to Park City, UT, whereupon I ran into some quite snowy and cold weather. Then I flew home with my wet MTB shoes in a bag, and they arrived home a bit stinky. So I washed them and destroyed them. Here’s how you can […]

png — How To Support Your LBS: Stop Wrenching at Home

I wanted this article to dispel the notion that buying a bicycle every couple of years from a local bie shop is enough to support them. If we want shops to stay around, we need to go by a lot more often than that. I was surprised at the amount of discussion this one provoked. […]


The Pitbull Sketch

This is a sketch that I wrote about a pitbull rescue commercial that goes a bit wrong. I found it when I logged into Celtx to help work on some stuff my friends over at Redding Hill are doing. I had completely forgotten about it. Sketch writing is the best. Click here to download The […]

png-2 — Dick Lane Velodrome

My track racing days may be over, but my writing about track racing days have only just begun. Don’t worry, I still remember how bad I was at it. Still, the Dick Lane Velodrome is still one of my favorite places and experiences. Check out my article for here.

png-1 — North Georgia is Tallulah Gorgeous

What could be better than a trip up to north Georgia for a little gorge walking? Well it didn’t hurt that we spotted a lady in red leather pants along the way. She even had some advice on where to see birds. Weird, but true. Check out the full article here!

png — Jaybird Bluebuds X Review

I’m a great lover of headphones, which is why I was so excited to get to review these for Singletracks. Check out the full review here if you have ears and you like music.

png — Harrisonburg, VA, a Hiking and Intransitive Verb Paradise

If you read any travel writing at all, you are sure to encounter the intransitive verb “nestled.” I buck the system in this article and try out a few alternatives.

png-1 — DIY: The Camper Shell Truck Tent Prototype Version 1

Okay, look, I am lazy sometimes and I don’t want to put up a tent. So why not sleep in the bed of my truck? It has a camper shell on it, but it’s too short. I tried designing a truck tent to rectify this issue, and you can read all about it on

png-4 — The Squat Strap Review

I am particularly proud of the opening line from this review of a Squatmonkey product called the Squat Strap. If you’re going to be in the woods for any length of time, sooner or later nature is going to call on line 2. Now that’s high quality outdoor humor writing right there, y’all. Read the […]

png-3 — Mountain Biking the Massanutten Resort

I’m not going to lie, one of the best parts of getting sent to the Massanutten resort to check out their mountain biking scene was when I checked in. The girl behind the counter asked “…and you’re a travel writer?” Yes ma’am. Yes ma’am, I am, and here’s the proof on

png-2 — Shenandoah Mountain Touring and the Enduro Supremo

I got taken to school by the Virginia riders. Their beautiful trails are among the most challenging in the Southeast, and I’m not just saying that because I’m slow and lazy. I got to pre-ride the Enduro Supremo race course with Chris Scott and the Shenandoah Mountain Touring crew for Take a look here.

png-1 — How To Be Slow on a Mountain Bike

If you are riding a mountain bike and whatever you are doing would look interesting on a GoPro video, you should probably slow down. That’s how I roll, anyway. Slow. I wrote some tips on how to be slow for and judging by the response I am not alone in my slowness!

png — Review: Fulcrum Red Metal 29 XRP Wheels

png-1 — Tifosi Slope Glasses Review

Oh yeah, the sunglasses freak gets his grubby mitts on some more sunglasses! These Slope glasses from Tifosi offer highly comparable features at a very affordable price point. I’ve had a couple of pairs of their eyewear and they’re good stuff. Full review is right here on Check it.

png — Shimano Unzen 6 Hydration Pack Review

Getting to write about outdoor gear is a real pleasure, especially when the gear ends up being something you use all the time. The Shimano Unzen has earned a place in my regular mountain biking tool chest thanks to its innovative strap design and perfect size. Check out the full review here.

png-3 — Shimano S70x Sunglasses Review

I am so glad I got to review these glasses for They have become my favorite riding glasses by far. I wear them every time I go out. Check out my full review.

png-2 — Strava Creating BOM Award to Recognize Pricey Bikes

This was my April Fool’s post for, making a little bit of fun of Strava KOMs and riders tendencies to upgrade bike parts. Check it out!

pack_day_of_summit_push — Osprey Aether 70 Review 2

The only thing I like better than being outside doing outside stuff is writing about outside and outside stuff, especially if I am allowed to be humorous in the process. Thankfully my friends at Tripleblaze don’t mind me cracking a few jokes in my product reviews. Check out my review of this great pack by […]

Short Story — The Meaning of Life

I wrote this short story to be entered into the Creative Loafing fiction contest. It did not win or garner any recognition at all. I read a lot of short stories and I often don’t understand why the ones that get published and awarded do so. They often seem like long poems to me with […]


Scoutmob — What to Do With Your Last $20 in Atlanta

My friends at Scoutmob were once again kind enough to ask me to write a few words for them. This time I was asked to form a short paragraph on what I would do with my last $20 in Atlanta. Check out my entry on their site!


Creative Loafing — Jesters and Fools, The Masochistic Joy of Standup in Atlanta

I have been working hard on my standup game lately, and also pitching Creative Loafing frantically to let me write for them again. I got lucky and these two initiatives converged! Check out my article on standup here.


Short Film — The Werewolf

This is a short film I wrote with my friend Travis Broyles (@travisbroyles). It is about a werewolf. I hope you like it.   We were very pleased to be tweeted about by Rooftop Comedy, and we got a nice note from 5 Second Films as well.   And we got a very nice mention […]


Creative Loafing — Ticket That Bicyclist!

After many years of pleading, also known as “pitching” in the freelance writing world, I finally was able to get hired to write for my local Atlanta alt weekly, Creative Loafing. I’m immensely pleased. Not only that, but the article was “Most Popular” on the site!

The greatest sport — Why Cycling is the Greatest Sport

Hey, take a look at this article about why cycling is the greatest sport. Unless you think curling is the greatest sport, of course. Then you’ll have to read something else.

png — Taint Misbehavin: The Selle Italia Max SLR Gel Flow Saddle Review

Do you like to sit down on your mountain bike? Well good news! Selle Italia now makes what they are calling a “saddle” for mountain bikes. Here’s my review of this amazing contraption for!

png — 25 Awful Things that are Better Than Losing Your 15QR Axle Skewer Thingy

Here we have a comedic article for my friends at I was inspired to write this after I lost a part of my bicycle that was ridiculously hard to replace, rendering my entire bike useless. If you like bikes, jokes, or breathing air, you’ll love it.

png — Tifosi Podium Review

Overjoyed to once again have been asked to write for, and I got to review an awesome pair of sunglasses by Tifosi optics. I’m not just saying that because they gave me a pair either. They really are sweet as monkey meat.

png — The Quest for the Rideable Berm

I like to ride bikes, even when I’m in the woods. The fine people at realize this, and asked me if I had any thoughts about my experiences. Naturally, I had a few, most of which revolve around how bad I am at mountain bikes. Oh well, thanks for letting me write on your […]


The Gear Junkie — Soda Can Stove

I pestered the world famous Gear Junkie, Stephen Regenold, until he let me write an article for him. He told me I needed to find a mentor in the business of outdoor writing to help me get my foot in the door. I said “Great! I’ll start with you.” This is a review of a […]

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Georgia Music Magazine — Ryan Seacrest’s The VOICE at Children’s Hospital

Pleased as punch to once again have my words and photos in the Summer 2012 issue of Georgia Music Magazine. Please subscribe so they can afford to keep having me back! This time I wrote about The VOICE at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, a closed-circuit media radio/TV station started by Ryan Seacrest whose mission is […]


Scoutmob – This Day in Atlanta History

Scoutmob is a great company full of awesome people who don’t mind if I write silly stuff for their web page. I really appreciate it. I love writing historical pieces, and this one was no exception. Thanks Scoutmob!


Georgia Music Magazine — Georgia Case Proves as Tough as its Products

I was lucky enough to be hired again by Georgia Music Magazine to write an article for them, this time on custom case makers Georgia Case. Buy a copy and check it out!


Nerd Fitness — Beginner’s Guide to Biking

My friend Steve Kamb of asked me to write a beginner’s guide to biking for him. Thanks, Steve!


Georgia Music Magazine — In Memory of Lance Titon

The fine folks at Georgia Music Magazine saw a memorial I wrote for my friend and former bandmate Lance Tilton, and published it in their magazine in their Summer 2010 issue #21.


Nerd Fitness — Lessons From a Former Fat Guy

Friend and fitness expert Steve Kamb asked me to write up an article about my thoughts on my 100lb weight loss for his site So, I did!


Art of Manliness — Ironman Training tips

I wrote a post on the Art of Manliness blog about training for an Ironman. Thanks to Brett McKay for running it!

png-1 and Spencer’s — Ridiculous Party

I was hired by the fine folks at to write about my experience throwing a party after winning $250-worth of Spencer’s gear. It was ridiculous indeed!

png-1 — Holiday Gag Gift Guide

The fine pranktastic web site hired me to write a two-part holiday gag gift guide, and I did! Thanks so much, Zug!