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Casa de mi Padre Film Report

cdmpJust watched Will Ferrell in this telenova style westernesque spoof movie thing called Casa de mi Padre. It has been fiercely defecated on by movie reviewers, and has a measly score on Rotten Tomatoes.

I think such a low score is a great injustice. This movie is hilarious. I love that it took some chances. I loved the writing. Just check out this line of dialog from Will Ferrell’s character, Armando:

Armando: Let him die. He’s missing a hand anyway.

I laughed, and I have a cold right now.

This movie might not be for you if you need a cast of a half dozen top grossing comedians or big ticket actors to crush your skull with the most obvious jokes possible. Mind you, I’m not taking anything away from those guys. I’d kill to be hired to be funny with any of them. This is just a different kind of film.

The sex scene alone is worth a watch, and not just because the female lead is good looking. I won’t spoil it for you.

Watch it, especially if you like Will Ferrell’s innocent/sincere style of comedy. I absolutely do.