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Why You Should Buy Louis CK’s New Thing

Louis CK is a hilarious Talking Man, but he’s more than that; better than that. He’s a Talking Man who isn’t lying. He makes no bones about the fact that he wants to get paid for making up bullshit. That’s refreshing to me. God knows how many bullshitters we’re paying every day who claim to provide some other tangible service. Those men and women are frauds. Louis CK is not.

No, Louis CK is not a fraud, and he has a new thing. You should buy it.

Better than that, Louis CK is trying a new means of communication against the best advice of people in his life. He’s trying to sell content directly to us, the consumers. This is great news.

It’s great news for anyone who:

  • Thinks ads are annoying, pushy, and cacophonous, on top of occasionally being disingenuous when they’re not outright lies.
  • Thinks censorship is wrong.
  • Thinks artists should have complete creative control over their work.
  • Is tired of Hollywood’s bullshit, TV’s bullshit, etc.

By cutting out the content distributors and middlemen, Louis CK is delivering hilarious entertainment directly to us. This is how it should be done. This is the way forward.

Buy his new thing.

One thought on “Why You Should Buy Louis CK’s New Thing”

  1. Tony Bullard

    I’ve never bought a single comedy video, and I love stand up. I used to watched Comedy Central Presents, which is always cut down so terribly, and after I cut the cable I’d watch stuff on Netflix, but I never paid directly for a comedy special before. But this was so simple, affordable, and done in the way I actually want, it was impossible to not get.

    And, it’s funny on top of all that.