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Ugly Truths of Online Dating

Even though I am interested in online dating as a human behavioral phenomenon, I deleted all my profiles a year or so ago. I never met anyone that I had what I’d call a connection with, except in the physical sense, and I also discovered a couple of ugly truths that turned me off.

This is on my mind again because Match.com recently bought OKCupid.com for $50M. This prompted OKCupid to remove a post from their blog titled “Why You Should Never Pay For Online Dating”. I can’t blame OKC for that. Their new owners are a pay site, after all.

Of course, everything on the Internet is on the Internet forever, so there’s still a Google cache of the post, as pointed out by some helpful Redditors. The post is a pretty interesting examination of the whole process.

But anyway, back to those ugly truths I was talking about. I learned:

  1. I was willing to lie about my income to get more attention
  2. It worked

I still believe that there’s no wrong way to meet the right person, but the kind of man I want to be does not lie about his income. I’ll still happily lie about my weight or my sexual skills, but at least I do that in person.

2 thoughts on “Ugly Truths of Online Dating”

  1. kelley

    how do you lie about your weight in person…it’s kind of all out there!

  2. jim

    I wear a girdle, if you must know.