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Hodgson Annual Goals for 2011

I have a habit of thinking long and hard at the start of each year about what my goals for that year will be. I also think long and hard about what it would be like to eat my weight in cheeseburgers, but that’s just my inner fat guy talking.

Here’s a short recap. In 2008 I vowed to complete the Nation’s Triathlon in Washington, D.C., and I succeeded. In 2009 I vowed to complete a full distance marathon as well as a full distance Ironman. I succeeded on both counts. In 2010 I vowed to stop wearing such revealing women’s clothing. There I failed.

I did, however, manage to haul my carcass to the summit of Kilimanjaro and post in this blog every business day in 2010, so that’s something. I also wrote a little book inspired by the Kilimanjaro experience which is currently in clinical trials with the FDA as a non-habit-forming sleep aid. Give it a try!

History aside, this year is no exception. I’ve given it a lot of thought and I’ve come up with some items I’m quite excited about. You know, bucket list type stuff.

Less Frequent, Better Quality Posts
I’m going to scale back the posting here from 5 a week to 2, because I think I can write better content that way. I’ll also be doing two posts a week on my work blog, though, so I’m really only cutting down my per-week posting by one day.

Finish a book-length project
Not content to abuse the English language in mere 500-word chunks on this blog, I intend to expand my campaign of terror to a fully-realized work. I’m actually planning two, but I want to make sure one happens.

Race at the Velodrome and on the Road
This year the back of the pack will be slightly more populous in not one but two disciplines. I’ll be racing at Dick Lane Velodrome as well as doing the Georgia Cup Series road events. I’ll probably do a crit or two as well, but mostly I want to ride the longer races.

Offload Most of my Worldly Posessions
I have a lot of crap that I don’t really need and hardly ever use. While I think BikesnobNYC‘s skewering of the “minimalist movement” is hilarious, the lack of clutter also has appeal. I also won’t need most of my stuff because…

Hike the entire length of the Appalachian Trail in 2012
While it means a season off the bike, this is something I’ve always wanted to do, and my big plan is to make 2011 all about making this goal for 2012 a reality. I’ll plan to leave Springer Mtn Georgia in the spring of 2012 and hopefully complete the trip that fall.

What to look for this year from jimhodgson.com
This blog will remain a place to talk about bikes and fitness for me. As a fat man, fitness is a necessary tool to help keep me from crashing through the floor of any given building and endangering those below. Bikes are my favorite way to move myself around, but I also have been known to refer to my Elephant-Manesque gait as “running”, so there may be some of that too.

I’m not a doctor or a fitness expert, but I do have a few ideas about how I lost 100lbs (so far). If those ideas prove to be helpful to someone else, then I think I might be kind of doing a good thing.

Hey, maybe I can work in a few chuckles too. We’ll see!

3 thoughts on “Hodgson Annual Goals for 2011”

  1. Brian

    Jim, I think these goals sound great. Im not excited about only getting two posts a week, but I am excited that they will mostly center on fitness activities. That is the reason I started reading this blog and you were my inspiration to lose weight (60lbs so far!) and join the ATC. I actually went to my first spin class last night and my butt is aching this morning but it will all be worth it when people can call me “Ironman”. Keep up the good work and best wishes for the new year.

  2. jim

    Hey, it really will be worth it. When I was hobbling painfully through the run on my Ironman, a guy said to me “Cheer up buddy, you’re going to be an Ironman today.” It brought tears to my eyes and it still does.

    Do it!

  3. jh

    Jim, You should keep an eye out for the Georgia Bicycle Racing Association’s Georgia Championship Series, which will be the GA road/crit/tt series run by GBRA, and will include most of the best races in the state which do not start with the letters GA and end in something I drink beer out of. New http://www.gacycling.org website should be up some time soon.