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Cargo Bikes and Hovering Bikes

Although I find riding a bike greatly preferable to driving a car, there are some advantages to driving that cannot be denied. Things like staying warm and dry, for instance, as well as being able to travel with a cup of coffee without it spraying all over your legs are nice features. One of the best features of cars, though, is their carrying capacity.

Yes, even the smallest cars have room to easily carry a couple of bags of groceries, whereas doing your grocery shopping via bike is something of a challenge. I try to get around this problem by going to the store more often and not buying eggs for fear that they’ll smash inside my shoulder bag and get albumen everywhere, but there are other options.

Check out this roundup of cargo bikes over at Wired.com. Even though a couple of the bikes are actually tricycles, its still pretty interesting.

Of course, while I think those cargo bikes would have a somewhat reduced effectiveness in a city as hilly as Atlanta, I’ve admittedly only ever tried to carry a shoulderbag-plus-rear-rack’s worth of stuff at one time, so I could be wrong. I’d be interested to try some trailer haulin’, especially if a CB radio and a mesh-backed hat were involved.

On the other end of the spectrum, I checked out a web site today for something called a Hoverbike, although it doesn’t appear to have any wheels at all. I definitely still want to try one out some time.

Sadly, they’re not in production yet, so you can’t buy one, although the web site hints that they might be willing to sell a prototype.

If only they made a cargo model, I’d be all over that.

2 thoughts on “Cargo Bikes and Hovering Bikes”

  1. Josh

    Is Atlanta notably hillier than Seattle? Because we’ve got a ton of cargo bikes. Not many like those Chinese ones, admittedly.

  2. jim

    I’m not sure about notably hillier. Probably not hillier at all. I’m just lazy.