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Beef Taint and Grannies on the Comet

Shirley McWhittle, President of Grandmothers Against Recumbents
It is a humbling time in a man’s life when he realizes that some of the achievements of which he is most proud have also been collected by grandmothers. Too often we overlook our grandmothers, but these capable ladies of advanced years are stronger, happier, and by extension, more deadly than ever before.

Apparently a few of our local Atlanta grandmothers hopped on board their bicycles and rode the Silver Comet trail out to the Alabama line and back, which is something that Chris and Paul and I did last year. True, we did it in a single 125 mile day and the grannies split it up into two days, but I felt like crap and Chris barfed when we did it, so clearly the ladies had the better schedule.

Paul, incidentally, felt fine, but that was because he was on a recumbent and they have magical healing powers as well as aerodynamic benefits about which any recumbent rider will be happy to bore you. We also had dry weather, although hot, and the ladies had rain on their second day, so if you’re wondering whether Atlanta’s women of age still kick ass, I think you have your answer.

But answers still elude us in Beefgate, the Contador doping scandal. Contador is saying that if he gets confirmed as guilty he’ll leave cycling, but the interesting thing to me is that the scandal has reached that point at which I’ve started to feel sorry for Contador. You may remember that I have, at times, referred to him as a douche thanks to his finger-pointy and Schleck-attacky tendencies, but he’s got to be under a lot of stress right now, and that I can relate with.

Whatever the outcome, I find myself wishing once more that the whole doping thing would just go away so we could get back to enjoying professional cycling, and by that I mean, enjoying watching an American rider kick everyone’s ass. Hopefully that will start to happen again soon.

What we should do is put some of these bicycle friendly grandmothers into the peloton. Sure, they might have trouble keeping up on the mountain stages, but at least they might be able to bring some order to the peloton, if not some nice warm sweaters and a mug of cocoa.

This will be a great weekend in my beloved city, between the North American Cycle Courier Championships and Pride, there should be nary a citizen without either a fixed gear bike or a rainbow flag. I’m very much looking forward to it.

Ride safe and party safe this weekend, friends!

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