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Soup Noodle Chicken

It occurs to me, as I am attempting to eat it, that Chicken Noodle Soup is named in ascending order of abundance. There’s not that much chicken at all, a bunch of noodles, and tons of soup. I wish I were eating Soup Noodle Chicken, but I guess that’s kind of what Chicken and Dumplings is.

Long story short I have a fever/chills and I have been hibernating all day, so this will have to be an abbreviated update for one simple reason, which is that I never want to have to explain to an EMT that I passed out while writing an internet blog.

Hopefully I will be well by the weekend because I have to do the bike leg of Augusta Half Ironman as part of a relay team. If I don’t show up the two other members of my team, Amy and Lea, will surely murder me. Already they are threatening to make me watch Bravo programming in the hotel.

That’s fairly gruesome as it is.