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The Indelible Twitter Feed

Like any modern gentleman, much of my windowless underground bunker, known as Manland, is decorated with armor and weaponry. Some of it is ceremonial or merely ornamental, but it pays to be careful in this day and age. I even have a special rifle crafted to stay in my sleeping pallet, which has annoyed some former girlfriends to no end.

But I ask them, would you begrudge a banker his cufflinks? Nay. So how can you begrudge a sleeping warrior his sleeping rifle?

It is, apparently, a point of contention, like the impact of social media on dating. Personally, I refuse to follow any new (or old) girlfriend on twitter or facebook. I believe it is highly unwise and leads to the sorts of petty arguments that can result in a warrior sleeping with his sleeping rifle and no one else.

This problem will be exacerbated even further in years to come now that the Library of Congress has decided to start archiving tweets.

Dating can be a mountainous emotional landscape. Sometimes people say things they don’t necessarily mean, or use language that is unbecoming. Apparently “being a bitch” is such a phrase. If you allow yourself to communicate on the Facebook/Twitter level in those moments, they’re preserved forever in email inboxes and now the Library of Congress of all places. They can be searched and brought up in perpetuity.

This is bad.

Much better, in my view, to let conversation to be governed by the natural laws of human interaction. Over time, details are lost (as they should be) and people can be forgiven for their mistakes.

Personally, I believe that humans are wired to communicate face to face. Some phone calling and texting and emailing is necessary in modern life, but I think that the more emotionally charged the interaction is, the greater the need to have it face to face. Especially if someone is being a bitch.

This is also why I take a dim view of internet dating, though I have tried it a few times.

There’s no wrong way to meet the right person, but there is apparently a wrong way to express disapproval of their behavior. Who knew?