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Lights are On, and Somebody’s Home

Ha-HA! Thought there wasn’t going to be an update today, didn’t you? Well, no such luck I’m afraid, although I did spend yesterday and this morning traveling.

For some reason, the trip down to see my grandfather seemed longer than usual, although I was doing the same things in the car that I usually do, i.e. singing along to Miley Cyrus or sleeping, should my sister happen to be at the wheel.

It’s a shame that my niece, at two, is still too young to handle the burdensome responsibilities of driving so my sister and I could both take naps. I think she could handle it, personally, if we put the cruise control on. Her little car seat puts her pretty much at steering wheel height.

Here she is with her great grandfather, both smiling because they’ve just finished some jello:

I’ll be back tomorrow morning with my usual attempts at humor, not entirely unlike a two year old at the wheel of a speeding vehicle.