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The best way to get a gig

matt and unicornI work every sunday on a 99x event called Unplugged in the Park, and I have been trying to get the powers that be to let me play there. I gave the host a copy of my disc.

He listened to it and he said he liked it, but I don’t have a firm date from him yet, so tonight I sent him the above drawing to help move things along.

I don’t know if this is a good technique or not, but time will tell. Who doesn’t like unicorns?

My email said:

Matt I’m going to be out of town this week so I won’t see you at the park, but I drew the following image for you so you’ll think fondly of me when it’s time to pick bands for the rest of the year. As you can see, it’s you and a unicorn being friends. Now that’s teamwork!

See you in two weeks!

UPDATE: I mentioned this to Matt yesterday and he loved it. He says he’ll put me on as soon as they can find a headliner. Rock!

One thought on “The best way to get a gig”

  1. tim

    Screw publicists. Just send out a shitload of pictures like that and people will be beating a path to your front door. I know I would.